January 2017

(Seat Number 125ML)

Upper Class on No 17 (white wine inclusive) £14

Frangy Roussette (France)

Vibrant, pale golden in colour. Spicy gingerbread aromas with hints of green apple.

Moscatel Corinto 2015 (Chile)……. via France

Pale golden yellow. Floral on the nose, mellow on the palate, with hints of honey and ripe pear.

Pheasant’s Tears, Rkatsiteli 2013 (Georgia)…… via France & Chile

Orange in colour, baked sweet apples on the nose, dry finish.

No 17 Business (red wine inclusive, Direct flight) £14

Domaine de Cross Marcillac Lo Sang Del Pais 2015 (France)

Ruby in colour. Light, elegant, subtle. Red berries and spice’s a dry and balanced finish that invites for another sip …. and another.

Alberto Loi, Monica di Sardegna 2013 (Italy)

Ruby red. Floral and fruity nose, dry, warm and soft. Rightly tannic, balanced.

Beck Ink, Weingut Beck 2014 (Austria)

A BIODYNAMIC beauty! A burst of dark fruits and spices, fresh juiciness of summer berries